Internet Marketing Keys Melbourne : Boosting business growth

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Get your website ranking on Google – Connect with potential customers – Convert enquiries to sales

Unlock the rich growth potential in your small business

Internet marketing has the keys to driving your future business growth. Quite frankly, you ignore it at your peril.

Internet marketing expert David Simmons, is based in Melbourne Australia. He has a proven track record for successfully designing and optimising websites that reach and retain top positions in the organic search results of Google for their nominated keywords. You can phone him to discuss your online marketing needs on  0459 077  294

David really is an internet marketing genius and he will offer you practical tips and expert advice on search engine optimisation and  how to raise the online marketing profile of your business. He has received advanced training in Google Adwords, (delivered by Google themselves)  – giving him a unique insight into the criteria used by Google for ranking websites. He applies these “insider” secrets to achieving ranking success for his clients – resulting in massive increases in the leads and enquiries a website will generate.

Bringing over twenty-five years experience in sales and marketing, combined with his specialist search engine optimisation expertise, David Simmons has developed a three step formula that builds a strong foundation for a successful online presence.

A planned internet marketing campaign for your business:

internet marketing Step 1   Defining your business direction :  Product, service and competitor analysis, leading to a careful selection of the “key words” that will drive your internet marketing strategy

 Step 2  Ensuring a sound website design :  Constructing an appealing website, or evaluating your existing website,  to ensure the fundamental design is in alignment with preferred search engine requirements. There are certain “signals” that Google is known to assess in websites – for example, load speed being one of over one hundred such signals.

 Step 3   Raising your Google profile :   Implementing proven digital marketing strategies for improving your search engine ranking, including a targeted approach to natural back-linking (quality more than quantity) and respected directory submissions. David will also assess whether social media, blogging and regular content generation should form part of your marketing plans, as a platform to engage and connect with your target audience.

small business tipsYour small business will be provided with cutting edge tools to enable you to undertake regular and on-going measurement and review of your digital marketing campaigns. Too many small and medium sized businesses are wasting limited advertising dollars by using out-dated methods of advertisement and promotion …. A well planned and structured internet marketing campaign can prove to be the most cost-efficient way of attracting new leads and customers for your business.


Phone   0459 077  294 

You can arrange for an assessment of your existing website and how it can be further empowered, and gain expert advice on search engine optimisation and how to improve your online profile.

He can also offer expert advice on how you might conduct a Google Adwords advertising campaign within an affordable budget for your small business.

David Simmons is based in Melbourne, Australia and provides website design and online marketing services to support both small businesses and larger corporations.

You can read an interview conducted with David recently, in which he shares some great tips and advice for small business owners on how to improve their Digital Marketing – David Simmons interview